July 13, 2018
23 days left
until our celebration.
March 8, 2018

Hello Family,
The family reunion is July 13-15, 2018, in Charleston, South Carolina and only 4 months away. The committees have worked hard to secure the hotel facilities for the activities on Saturday, vendor for t-shirts, caterer for the picnic, photographer and DJ for the weekend events.

In order to have enough money to cover the cost of each of these items, we need you, you, and you to register and pay your reunion fees:
                                12 and up            $125.00
                                4-11                       $75.00
                                3 and under        FREE
There are three options to use for payment:
  1. You can pay via PayPal at HillsmanHillman@gmail.com.
This option is free when using PayPal to PayPal accounts.
  1. Via US mail:
          C/O Kathy Holloway
          1884 Blanche Drive
          Douglasville, Georgia 30135
  1. If you live in the Atlanta area, I can meet you for payment
        and give you a receipt at that time.
          Kathy Holloway @ 404-310-0192 (Please leave a message if I
          do not answer and I WILL call you back)

4. You need to fill out the Registration Form at http://www.123formbuilder.com/form-3497769/Family-Reunion-Registration-Form so we can have everything you need when arrive. 

Lastly, I know many of you are wondering what happened to the link to pay on line. It was deactivated so we would have other options to collect the fees and have all of the money go into the reunion account to pay for the above items. We do appreciate the MyEvent organization for having this site available for the public to use.

The host hotel reservations web page link is:
If you want to be at the hotel where the banquet will be, you need to book your reservation now while rooms are still available. If rooms are not available anymore and you haven't booked your flight or your hotel, go to this website https://www.mytripvalet.com/overview?affiliate_id=864500. Here you can have a 7 Day Free Trial of my travel website and get a huge discount on everything travel and a whole lot more. My family has already saved hundreds on travel and more since February. 
I hope this helps you save money and get to this grand event. SEE YOU THERE!!!

Planning for the 2018 Family Reunion is on the way. Every First Saturday of the month at 7 pm CST there is a Conference call held to plan and discuss important issues. Contact Daymon at HillsmanHillman@Gmail.com for call details. We look forward to hearing you there. 

Book your hotel rooms early to be guaranteed a room at the venue.

February 3, 2018

WOW!!!! We just had an awesome Hillsman/Hillman Family Reunion Conference Call. A lot of info was shared and discussed. Unfortunately, I forgot to record it. OOPPSS. I got so excited about how many people were on the call that I forgot to hit the record button. So I guess I have to put it all here.

The Family Reunion is going to be on July 13, 2018, through July 15, 2018. You can stay a week early or stay a week later for the same price. A block of rooms have been set aside at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Charleston Airport Hotel & Convention Center located at 
5055 International Boulevard
North Charleston, South Carolina 29418

Book your rooms now because they are going fast. I will try and get another block if they are avaliable so you need to hurry. 

Make your reservations through the family reunion hotel web page located below in Bold. RSVP and pay registration fee through Papal by using HillsmanHillman@gmail.com. You may also pay by Check through the US. Mail. This will assure that the Reunion gets all the registration fee  for operational cost. 

Banquet on Friday the 13th
Picnic on Saturday the 14th in Charleston, SC. 
Evening Reception that evening at Hotel
Sunday morning worship Service thanking God for a glorious time of fellowship and fun. We will also choose a committee for our next reunion and set a date and state. 


Next Conference call will be on 3-10-2018. Contact your Chairman at HillsmanHillman@Gmail.com for call-in details. Talk soon, your Reunion Chairman, Daymon Askew.


SEPTEMBER 2,2017 FAMILY REUNION  CONFERENCE CALL  1-302-202-1115 Access # 79938346
Great Call Tonight. I want to thank the faithful few who joined. The Recreational Committee and the Finance Committee reported on July activity and accomplishments. It was brought up what we will be doing during the banquet and the picnic. Hotel numbers are growing and people need to RSVP and pay their Family Reunion Registration Fee. Book your hotel room now. There are only 20 rooms blocked off. The sooner those 20 are booked, I can ask for more rooms. Picnic fee has been paid. T-shirts are being discussed and Reunion Seed Money from the last reunion has been transferred over to 2018 Committee for North Charleston. Please listen to the posted recording for clear and detailed information. We hope to hear you on the next call in October 7, 2017. 

Hillsman/Hillman Family Members around the World,


Our Family Reunion Group Web Page for the Embassy Suites North Charleston, SC. is now PUBLISHED AND LIVE!!!.

Our web page address is: http://embassysuites.hilton.com/en/es/groups/personalized/C/CHSEMES-HHF-20180713/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG

You may now go here and book your hotel rooms for the reunion. Hurry because I have only blocked off 20 rooms as a guaranteed block because I did not get a lot of participation from a lot of people to show me that we needed more. If we need more than 20, the hotel will see if they have more in their facility. If not, they will make accommodations for us at one of their sister locations down the street for us. Make sure you register on this site first so we can pay the Picnic Venue and other people that need to be paid for this grand occasion. Pass this information on to all of your loved ones and I look forward to hearing you on the next conference call on September 2, 2017, at 7 pm Central Time.


Today, the contract for the Embassy Suites North Charleston, South Carolina Hotel was signed and the $500 deposit was given to them by the Family of Daymon and Althea Askew. Now for the next phase in preparation for this grand event.

A $950 payment needs to be paid to the James Island County Park. This is where we will have an indoor space for our Family Reunion Picnic. In order for this amount to be paid, we need to make our Registration Payments for the Family Reunion of $125 for individuals age 12 and up and $75 for individuals ages 4 - 11. This payment can be made in full or payments toward the total amount can be made for your registration on the registration tab to the left. Payments toward the amount can be made through your PayPal account by sending it to HillsmanHillman@Gmail.com. THERE WILL BE NO FEE ATTACHED TO THIS PAYMENT BECAUSE IT IS BEING TRANSFERRED FROM PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Unlike the payments that are being received through our website that are being DINGED by transaction fees. 

As soon as I get the website link that Embassy Suites is creating for us to make our hotel reservations, I will post it here. 

On 7-22-2017, there was a Special Conference Call held. Call 302-202-1115 and enter code 28364681 to hear the call. Few key points are: 
1. The contract will be signed this week for Embassy Suites.
2. Insurance for Banquet will be acquired for much less than previously expected.

3. Lowered guaranteed room block to 20. This means that people need to book their rooms quick to be guaranteed lodging at Main Location.

4. The cost for Banquet has been lowered to $53-$58 per person ages 12 - Adult and Half price for a person ages 4 - 11. Price now includes all taxes and fees. Children 3 and under eat and stay free. Trying to also figure out how to add Paypal and Google Checkout as Payment Solutions for people who would rather use that. 

5. True Hotel rates for those individuals arriving before 7-13-2018 or staying later than 7-15-2018 are as follows: 

1.       Single/double occupancy (2 guests per suite = $169.00 x 14% (occupancy tax) = $192.66 + $1.10 (destination fee) +$193.79

2.       Triple occupancy (3 guests per suite) = $179.00 with taxes and fee =$205.16

3.       Quad Occupancy (4 guests per suite) = $189.00 with taxes and fee = $216.56

4.       $10.00 each additional person/ six maximum capacity for comfort.

 The increase in rates are for ages 17 of age and above!


Every person or family member needs to fill out the RSVP Form and PAY THE REGISTRATION FEE ASAP! Money needs to be paid out to Venues. ($500 to Hotel as the Deposit when contract is signed by Daymon Askew and $950 for the PIcnic Area inside location by 8-26-2017). Service Providers and Suppliers also need to be paid. This is our reunion so please plan accordingly. 


No call on 8-5-2017. Conference Calls will resume on 9-2-2017

June 13, 2017

We just completed an Emergency Family Reunion Conference Call. Here are the changes:

1. A number of rooms that we will block off will be 30. In order for a family to be guaranteed a room at the Embassy Suites, they will need to have booked their room early. If there are no more rooms available in the block of 30 and there is no more room in the Inn, Embassy Suites will try and book you in one of their sister Hilton Hotels in the area. The key is to book early. Website and Reunion Discount Booking Code will be posted soon.

2. As of today, they have us occupying a banquet room that holds 250 people. With us only blocking of 30 rooms, they wanted to put us in a room that would fit our group size. We decided to tell them that we will have between 100 and 120 people attending. 

I know with this reunion being in a place that we have not had one in before, there will be some people who are on the fence. That is natural. But do not let your mind trick you into thinking yourself out of coming to be with family. I pray that you make the commitment and be there in North Charleston, SC in 2018.

Yesterday we had our very first Webinar Conference Call. It was a very productive call where we got a lot done. You have to see and hear the call for yourself to get the full picture. As suspected it was not our normal 1-hour call because we had a lot of information to discuss and finalize. Here are the key points that you all need to take note of:
  1.  Reunion will be held on July 13, 2018 thru July 15, 2018
  2. Reunion will be held at the Embassy Suites Charleston Area Convention Center5055 International Blvd., North Charleston, SC 29418
  3. For now, the total cost for a room will be about $432 for the weekend per room already including taxes. It will not matter if you have 1 person or a maximum of 6 people
  4. Banquet will be on that Friday Evening the date of arrival 
  5. Saturday we will have a Family Picnic off site at James Island County Park. their website is http://ccprc.com/68/James-Island-County-Park
  6. There will be a Family Reunion Picture Taken at the Picnic that will cost no more than $25. Maybe less but no more than that. 
  7. Sunday Morning we will have a Family Prayer Service with a brief word from the Lord to take with us as we travel back to our different homes around the world.
  8. The Registration Reunion Fees per person will cover the individual cost for the Friday Night Banquet, Saturday Afternoon Picnic, Individual Tee Shirts, Music at Banquet and Picnic and any 2018 Hillsman/Hillman Family Reunion keepsake trinkets.
 As I mentioned quite a bit was discussed and agreed upon so we all set to save our money, make our money, or get our money to get to this event. You can make payments for the Registration Fe at the Registration Tab to your left on this page. 
Here is the Recording for Last nights Webinar. Just click on https://fccdl.in/CBN9yRlih and you will be a part of the replay. There were some Technical difficulties in the beginning but hang in there. Alright, that is it for now. Remember to go and RSVP and tel all your family members you know to do the same. We need your information to make this the best reunion we have ever had. I look forward to talking to you on the first Saturday in July on our next Conference Call.
May 6, 2017

HEY HEY!!!! Just had another great Conference Call. We may have to change to a webinar as we get closer to the date. We Discussed some of the new developments for choosing the accommodations for the Reunion. I am the one who chose the 19th of July as the date in 2018. IT HAS NOT BEEN SETTLED WHAT THE DATE IN 2018 JULY. I did this as an example for the website review tonight. If you look at Registration on the left, you will see what we were discussing in reference to the Flat Fee for each person for the Reunion. We need to have at least 20 people on the call next month on the First Saturday of June. this is important so we can come to a decision of what the Flat Fee will be. This needs to be done so we can communicate to our family the amount that needs to be submitted online by June 30th? Because on July 1st, a deposit needs to be submitted to the Picnic Venue so we can reserve that spot. A payment needs to be submitted to the Caterer for the Picnic to lock them down to serve our needs in July 2018. I know this is a lot of info and my fingers are hurting so please be on the calls every 1st Saturday of each month at 7 pm Central Standard Time. Your opinion, insight, and help are needed to make this reunion the best that we ever had. Who knows, it might be the last one some of us will be able to attend because LIFE HAPPENS. Make sure to look at every page of the site. Take special note of the RSVP, Custom Form and Registration Links. These are important because it will give us all your Contact Information. Registration will allow you to get your Reunion fees out the way. All you will need to do after that is get there after making reservations at the hotel, after arriving on your Horse or in your Buggy and meet me for Lemonade. Talk to you on the 1st Saturday of June.  


April 8, 2017


Just hung up from another 2018 Hillsman/Hillman Family Reunion Planning Conference Call. It was wonderful having the same some people who have been diligent in arriving on the call. I just wonder why there are not more people who want to have a reunion. Everyone opinion counts. I am hope full that we do have 75-150 people who do commit to be in attendance in July of 2018. If you want to hear the recording, send an email message to HelpingPeopleiintheUSA@gmail.com telling us who you are and how we are related in the Hillsman/Hillman Family Line. Also give us your cell and home number and address. You will be sent the recording and put on our Mailing and communication list. You need to be on the calls because I am not a good note taker and you will probably find some typos in this post. There will be a special before next months call finalizing the hotel we will choose so you want to be on that call. Hope to hear from you soon.




We had a great Conference Call tonight and decided on 2 possible cities and states to have the 2018 reunion. Charleston, SC. or Washington, DC. At our Next Conference call, we will have options of locations and other important info that you want to vote on and hear about. Make your voice heard on our 2018 Reunion. It is for all of us. 

Saturday 2-11-17


We just finished our monthly conference call. We are considering Charleston, SC and Washington, DC as the optional locations for the Reunion. We are projecting to have about 150 people to attend and filling 75 rooms. The dates we are considering are 7-13-18 through 7-15-18 or 7-20-18 through 7-22-18. We will have catered events for 150 people for the Banquet on Friday Evening and a Picnic on Saturday. The final decision of location will be chosen at next conference call. The total cost of Accommodations, Banquet and Picnic will be in future calls. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
In accordance with the motion made and accepted in a prior conference call, the subscription for this site has been renewed for another year.

April 10, 2015
This note brings greetings to the Hillman/Hillsman family and an update on reunion planning.
We have come to a point where a decision had to be made by the reunion committee on whether to host our reunion in 2015 or 2016. We heard from many family members over the past 8 months who all expressed much excitement about having a reunion.  Although we are grateful for the excitement, the lack of a financial commitment has forced our hands to postpone the event to next year, July 29 – 31, 2016. This committee is steadfast in hosting the best reunion to date here in Atlanta.
               As we go forward to plan for 2016, we as a committee will have to do a better job of getting the word out to family members in the cities and states around the country. To that end, we are adopting a state representative format. We are asking a person from each state to step up and help with this matter. The committee need for the state representative to collect the names, email addresses, best phone numbers and home addresses of the family members (including children) in their city or state. Once you have gathered this information, please pass it to the reunion committee. The committee will use this information to communicate with the family whether it is via email, letter or phone blast.  Please volunteer to represent your state (or city if that is easier for you) by sending a reply to me by email. My (Keith Anderson) email address is andersonk1970@gmail.com.
               We have worked hard to make the cost of the reunion as affordable as possible at $125 for 13 years old to adult and $75 for kids 4 to 12 years old. This charge will cover the banquet, picnic, t-shirt, and all the extras needed for a successful reunion. The price DOES NOT include hotel cost, but we will work hard to negotiate the best room rate available for our family reunion.
A successful reunion requires advance individual and group financial planning.  With that said, I would like to give you an example of how I plan to pay for my family of 4 all over the age of 18. The cost for my family is $500. If I pay $41.67 for 12 months starting in May of 2015 by May 2016 I would have paid for the reunion with the exception of the price of the hotel. This is just one example of how you can pay for your reunion expenses over time.
We have taken steps to insure that all money received will go toward the reunion. In doing so, we switched banks to stop monthly bank fees.  Because the website charges a fee for each transaction processed online, we are now asking you to make your payments to Kathy Holloway and mail them to her at this address: 1884 Blanche Drive, Douglasville, GA. 30135. We will send you a receipt acknowledging your payment.  If you still want to use the website for financial transactions, you may do so but please be aware that you are responsible for the site fees. We will still post an acknowledgment of all money received on the website.
We are sensitive to the reality that spending extra money can be challenging for most family members, so hopefully providing the option to pay in installments will help with your individual financial planning, and help the committee with planning for the event.
We cannot say thank you enough to the family members who have already paid and/or given a donation. Please remember to volunteer to serve as a state (or city) representative.  Also let us know where improve maybe needed.  We value your input.  We look forward to hearing from you soon, and seeing you at next year’s reunion.

December 30, 2014
 The Next family reunion conference call will be on Saturday January 10, 2015 at 8 pm EST & 7 pm CST. The call in number is 1-712-775-7035 then enter Id# 337851 looking forward to hearing from you.  
Here is the phone and Id number to hear the last conference call held on January 10, 2015.
 1-712-775-7739      ID# -337851

Financial Update as of December 30, 2014:

We have a total of $362.25

Online donations: $224.25
Offline donation:  $100.00
Local Bank balance: 38.00 (plus the offline donation of $100.00 =$138.00)
No payouts at this time.

We are still anticipating each family (household) to contribute $30.00 by January 15, 2015. Please remember you are welcome to contribute more.

December 10, 2014

If you would like to pay by check or Money Order make it out to Tanya Anderson and you can send it to 5335 Lee Circle Forest Park Ga. 30297. We can post your payment on the website under donations.

   November 26, 2014
      Hi my name is Keith Anderson, oldest grandson to Miss Kitty (Kathryn Zellous). I will be serving as your 2015 Hillsman-Hillman Family Reunion President.  I am writing to ask for your help to make this one of the best reunions ever. In order to cover the planning expenses for our reunion, we have found that it is necessary to ask for your financial support of $30.00 minimum per household. These funds will be used to cover the following expenses:

DJ Deposit    
Deposit for Pictures            
Deposit to reserve park                                                        
Deposit for Catering                                   
Deposit for Banquet                       
    These funds are urgently needed! Please send your support by January 15, 2015, so that we can move forward with our preparations to make this our best family reunion yet! If you cannot spare the full amount please SEND WHAT YOU CAN - ANY AMOUNT IS ACCEPTABLE!! You can send your money through the Hillsman-Hillman website.

     I also need your help in the planning phase. We hold a monthly conference call to discuss the reunion and make decisions on the different venues for accommodations, banquet and the picnic. We would love for you to be a part of this process. You can join in the conversation or just listen and share the information with other family members. The conference calls are scheduled during each call for the following month. Also a number and code is posted on the reunion site for anyone that wishes to hear the conversation after the meeting.  

     In order for the family to move forward and maintain the integrity of the family reunion officers, I am putting in place and open book policy of all financial records. We want to be as transparent as possible to show where every penny of the family money is spent. Any family member that wishes to see the financial records will be able to within 48 hours.

    This is how it will work. It will take two treasurers and an officer to sign a request for funds. The reason for the request, who the money is to be allocated to, and the amount must be stated on the form. The officers must agree on the request. If there is a proposal or invoice, it will need to be attached if possible followed by the receipt after payment is made.

     As your president, I want to serve you in the best possible way I can. If you need to reach me, you may email me at: hillsmanhillman2015@gmail.com . I thank you for your time and hope to see you at the 2015 Family Reunion in Atlanta, Ga.  
                                                                                                Yours Truly,
                                                                                    Keith Da’on Anderson

Welcome to the Hillsman-Hillman 2015 family reunion web site. We are so happy that you are taking the time to view the information. We are in the process of planning a fun-filled and memory-making long weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

Please explore the different pages to get more information on the reunion and the “Family Tree” page to learn about our heritage. If there is any information that you can contribute please do not hesitate to email us.

  December 7, 2014
The family reunion conference call will be on Saturday January 10, 2015 at 8 pm EST & 7 pm CST. The call in number is 1-712-775-7031 then enter Id# 190 856 810 looking forward to hearing from you.        
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